Exchange Cards

Tap the exchange button on the Send Card tab to swap cards with your contacts quickly and easily.

Email Invite

After tapping the exchange button just enter your connection's email and tap "Email Card". We will never spam your connections. In fact they will need to download the app to see your invite in their incoming card feed.

Exchange In Person

Tap "Find Nearby" to send your card directly when you're in person. Using shared wi-fi, bluetooth, or another near field communication avenenue you'll be able to find nearby visible users. Tap request beside your found contact's name. Once they accept you're connected. Almost as quick as a handshake.

Accept Connections

In order to receive invites you must first tap the button in the upper right corner of the Send Card tab to make yourself visible to users around you. Tap "accept" on an invite and you're connected. If you don't catch the invite the card goes to your incoming card feed and you can accept from there.
Distinguish Yourself

QT helps you stand out from the crowd

You want your customers and contacts to have more than just your face and your name. Add that individual touch to go the extra mile. Share a blog post or a link to your portfolio. Include a reminder about a past conversation or a conversation starter for your next meeting. Include special offers or campaigns, the next conference you're attending or your expansion plans. Your QT card is about keeping your connections up to date with not just your latest contact info but also your latest accomplishments and endeavors.

Don't be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success.
- Unknown